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Dig into the data

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23, 21, 10

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Smoother path is not always the shorter path

Optimize or Die

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Simpler Product Images Are Always Better

Convincing, Helpful Product Images

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10 Ways to invest in your Shopify store

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Shopify CRO Quick Tip #1—Use your website on your smartphone

3 Signs You Need a Premium Shopify Theme

Hey, Shopify App Developers, Get Your Apps Off My Live Site (At Least For Now)

How to Avoid Zombie Code

3 Ways to Check if You Have Zombie Code on Your Shopify Store

Zombie Code—One More Reason for a Slow Shopify Store

Baymard institute advises you to “Avoid ‘Quick View’ Overlays”

The Impact Of Keeping Quick Shop On Your Store

The Quick Shop Low Info Diet

To Quick Shop or not

A Samurai Sword Is So Sharp It Can Slice Your Page Load Time In Half

What can slow down the loading of your Shopify store?

Is your Shopify store fast enough for your visitors?

Would you shop fast or slow?

Don’t panic over the decrease of one variable from the revenue formula

Increasing Average Order Value, Part 3

Influencing Average Order Value, Part 2

Influencing Average Order Value, Part 1

Derailers On Your Own Site (Improving your Shopify Store Conversion Rate, Part 3)

Beyond friction—anticipate the derailers in the life of your potential customers (Improving your Shopify Store Conversion Rate, Part 2)

How Do You Improve Your Shopify Store’s Conversion Rate?—Part 1

How Do You Increase The Traffic To Your Shopify Store?

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The Revenue Equation

Know your Numbers—Part 2

Know Your Numbers—Part 1

What is the safest (and quickest) way to share access to your Shopify store with an expert?

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No Sales on Your Shopify Store? Find The Biggest Trust-Killer for Your Visitors

Launched Shopify Store a month ago, got almost 1000 visitors, yet no sales. Where is the problem?

Rumen Dimitrov