A list of Shopify podcasts (you should be listening to)

By Rumen Dimitrov • Less than a minute read

I love a good podcast during my lunch break. Even better, if it is Shopify-related and I can learn something useful for my business. If that sounds like you, check the list below.

My (growing) list of Shopify podcasts

Shopify Across the Pond by Blend Commerce

I was a guest on “Episode 3 — How can I make my Shopify store faster”

The Unofficial Shopify Podcast by Kurt Elster, Paul Reda

Wavebreak Podcast: Grow Your Shopify Store by Dylan Kelley

Milk Bottle Shopify eCommerce Podcast by Keith Matthews

eCommerce Fastlane - Shopify - Shopify Plus by Steve Hutt

Winning With Shopify by Caroline Balinska

Shopify Masters | The ecommerce business and marketing podcast for ambitious entrepreneurs by Shopify

You can find all of these grouped into a nice playlist on my ListenNotes profile

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