Focus on your bestsellers to increase your Shopify Store’s Conversion Rate

By Rumen Dimitrov • 1 min read

Just starting out and want to run ads? You can get by advertising a category of products from your store. Linking to a collection page traffic will hit your store—most will look, some will pick a product and some will buy. This is a good start, but won’t be applicable when you want to increase your conversion rate.

Streamlined, simplified experiences that make it easy for people to buy from you perform better compared to processes with more steps and confusion.

That’s why once you’ve got some visitor data, instead of running an ad directing people to a collection (or god forbid your “all products” page), you may try advertising your best-sellers—this way people will land on a product page directly. One step of their shopping journey will be saved.

This can lead to increase in conversions as people will have more fuel left in their decision-making tank.

Now, if they want to buy, they can faster make a decision and move forward with it because they are not fatigued by going through your catalogue.

If they don’t like that particular product, but they do like the idea behind your brand—they’ll find their way toward the rest of your catalogue.

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