How Do You Increase The Traffic To Your Shopify Store?

By Rumen Dimitrov • 2 min read

Unlike brick and mortar stores, where location can bring you enough business without advertising, your online store is unknown to the world unless you tell someone (or something, ahem, Google) about it.

Here are some of your options to drive (more) traffic to your Shopify store:

  1. Tell people about your store Post your store URL on social media/forums/other blogs in your niche. Some people will be interested and will visit. The more relevant your message and mention, the better it will work. The more prominent the outlet you are posting, the higher the amount of people that will come as a result.
  2. Advertise (On/Off-line) You can pay to show up in a feed, search results or alongside content that is of interest to your target audience. The better the match between your message, the content and their interests, the more people will follow the link.
  3. Optimize for Google (Search Engine Optimization) When you publish content on your website to gain Google’s attention for the keywords people in your niche use to describe your products. This practice increases your ranking for that keyword and as a result your traffic (the higher the position on the results page, the higher the traffic).
  4. Work with influencers from your niche Paying to people famous in your niche to mention/promote your product on social media (mostly Instagram) will get you in front of the right eyeballs.

All of these and many more variations on the topic like joint-venture webinars, giveaways, event sponsorships, cross-promotions and so on will bring traffic to your site, if done correctly.

Keep in mind that traffic is like a bucket of water. Once you pour it over your flowers, the plants will be good for a while and then the soil starts drying out again.

Driving traffic to your online store is laborious. But you need traffic to have someone to sell to. To make this process easer and cheaper it requires systems to be set up. Only then you can start scaling it.

This means that you have to have procedures for creating new content, posting new content, promoting new content, working with influencers, running and optimizing ads and generally be on the look out for new tactics and channels to drive people from.

The most important strategy that I want you to remember is this: funnel people in your mailing list. Find a way that makes economic sense to do so. This will help you build your platform, with your own rules. Only then you’ll be free from the whims, fads and trends of other platforms that you don’t control and you’ll be able to drive paying traffic to your website with just an email.

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