Convincing, Helpful Product Images

By Rumen Dimitrov • 1 min read

Selling physical products on your Shopify store? Only the visitors convinced they are going to like them in real life turn to customers.

If people were in a brick and mortar store they would touch, look around and try the items. They would do this to justify the price you’re asking for the product.

Online, your products live on product pages. The goal of your product page is to make the price seem less than the perceived value of the product. That is to say, it should answer all the questions people answer themselves by looking at, touching and trying on the same product in a store.

The most important part of a product page is the product’s images. They should help people:

It is hard for a person to understand the true nature, material and build quality of a product by looking at an image of it. That’s why you need to show many angles, and highlight important features people are looking for. You want the images to show the product in context, but you also want them to show the product in detail itself.

The product detail speaks about product features, but displaying a product in context highlights the product’s benefits. The product’s “in-context” images hint at:

Yes, it is easier to explain that in plain text (and you should, because Google loves text). Since an image is worth a thousand words, you should show all that with images, too.

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