Would you shop fast or slow?

By Rumen Dimitrov • 2 min read

Why people hurry? There is so much to do, so much to see, so much to read and consume. So much more stimulation to be had.

Since online shopping is just a fraction as stimulating as the real thing, you don’t look at online shopping, as something overly enjoyable in itself. What keeps you going is the positive expectation of the thrill you’ll get when you finally hold what you’ve purchased.

Would you go slow through this process, and savor every second of it, or you would rather be done with it faster, so you can hold the object of your desire sooner? Most people would opt for “faster”.

It is not that online shoppers don’t value the journey, it is just that the current state of online shopping and especially checkout, doesn’t offer a pleasurable, positive, memorable experience. The thrill of holding your product, going to the cash register and smilingly interacting with the sellers there, then proudly walking out with your purchase are just not present online.

So people want to get done with it faster

In as few steps as possible. With less info as possible. Magically. With the speed of thought and light.

People don’t like waiting in queues for something they could get elsewhere. To choose you over the competition, not only does your store have to sell products that are unique (so people can put up with any small difficulties in obtaining them), but you also have to provide a good service.

Good service makes me feel good

Which is feels the opposite of me waiting.

How does this translate to your Shopify store?

You shouldn’t keep people waiting just so they can have a peek at your products. Sadly, with bloated, chock-full of apps stores, that’s how the visitors feel—they have to wait just to satisfy their curiosity. But waiting is a drain on their patience tank.

Once you get the patience tank dry, they go away. Your visitors won’t have the attention span needed to orient themselves around your store and even consider your products anymore.

One of the first fixes to apply in cases like that, besides better store organization, search and useful product titling, is Shopify speed optimization.

Making your Shopify store load faster would help your visitors keep their attention on your products. They won’t have the time to object against your site (“ah, it is loading too slow”) and the blazing speed will keep the hope alive that they can look through most of the products (“in no time”) and actually find something they like.

Because that’s why people browse your site—they are well-intentioned and curious—they want to see something interesting. They want to be surprised. They want to see something that will solve a need of theirs. Put bluntly, they want something to want. And if they can find that in your store, they’ll try to get it. Sooner, rather than later. But only if you are fast and interesting enough to keep their attention.

Do you think your Shopify store is fast enough to keep your potential customers happy?

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