Recover More Abandoned Carts with Klaviyo

By Rumen Dimitrov • 1 min read

Sending abandoned cart emails makes you money. Email service provider focused on e-commerce exist because of that fact.

A safe bet would be to say you could recover about 3-5% (according to data from Klaviyo) of the abandoned carts in started checkouts.

Sadly, not all abandoned carts are recoverable.

Until a person enters their email at the start of checkout, you can’t send them a recovery email, as you don’t know where to send it to.

To increase the number of recoverable carts you need to find a way to encourage more people to start checkout and enter their email. To achieve that you may need to push information that they need, like shipping rate, further down the funnel. Shopify has been already doing that with its multistep best-practice checkout.

What would happen if you tell people that “Shipping is calculated during checkout” instead of having a shipping calculator on your cart? This may or may not work, depending on your audience. That’s worthy of A/B testing!

Should this fails to get you more carts to recover or decreases your overall conversion rate, there is one more thing you can do.

If you are using Klaviyo you can send emails to people on your list who clicked a link in your email but didn’t engage with the website. The feature is called Browse Abandonment Flow. In essence that’s a cart abandonment email sent when an identifiable visitor leaves your site without even starting the checkout.

That’s another opportunity for you to recover missed sales and make more money from your Shopify store. Check out Browse Abandonment Flow and set it up!

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