You Don’t Have a Revenue Problem

By Rumen Dimitrov • 1 min read

Money is a multiplier of the systems it touches. If the systems are good, the money invested will skyrocket your store’s revenue. But what happens, when the systems are broken?

You’ve heard stories about lottery winners who 5 years later are even more broke than they started. So, putting more money in a broken system is not going to fix it. It is going to drive it down.

Should you pour more money into ads then? If you’ve got traffic, but revenue is slow, that is the worst time to run (more) ads. That’s increasing the velocity of a broken, already-leaking system.

What to do instead?

Work on the system, not in it.

With fewer orders to fulfill you have time that you can invest in improving your Shopify store. You could:

You now have a list of friction points that could be slowing your visitors on their way to becoming customers. Is any of the items in the list easily solvable by you?

“But I don’t understand much of this…”

I get it—you are not very technical and this kind of work is confusing. However, you can’t afford to be in e-commerce without the basic understanding of how your visitors move through your website.

Funnel leakage is a problem you are going to face over and over again. You have to at least learn how to spot it so you know you need an expert to fix it.

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