Even with the best Shopify theme you can get a mediocre website

By Rumen Dimitrov • 1 min read

Shopify Themes help you visualize your catalog for the visitors of your store. They do this by giving you predesigned components to build your site with.

But having a tool and knowing how and when to use it are completely different things.

Who will solve the problems of your visitors?

You may think that you’ve got the “design” for your store, now that you have a good looking theme. But that’s not right. Design is not just how something looks, but how it works, too.

True design is a process aimed at solving problems.

Themes constrain themselves to solve certain problems on page and component level. But that’s not enough.

Themes don’t come with a design guide explaining how to set up your website and why you should do it in that way. That’s a huge miss.

Theme developers focus on making the best tool for your store, nothing more. How you use it is up to you.

They can tell you what the different options in their product are, but they won’t tell you how to determine the needs of your visitors. And those needs determine what you do with the building blocks you’ve got.

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