What got you here won’t get you there

By Rumen Dimitrov • 1 min read

What makes “six-figure a year” stores “six-figure” is a good niche product that people want.

But… what stops six-figure stores from becoming seven-figure ones is the fact store owners don’t know much about their customers yet.

They don’t know much about why people buy this.

In other words, six-figure store owners are sitting on all the opportunities of understanding the context of customers better and finding ways to serve them better…

And all these opportunities go unused.


  1. Store owners don’t know how important that is for their future growth. What got them from five- to six-figure yearly revenue won’t get them to 7 figures.
  2. Most six-figure store owners are too distracted by running the business. But this kind of discovery requires patience and focus.
  3. They don’t know where to start—all the data they have already available is overwhelming and instead of seein possibilities for gaining new insight… they feel swamped.

How to go about this?

Become curious about your customers. Pose questions to yourself and try to find answers using the tools you’ve got.

You’ll be surprised how much insight your Shopify reports, archived orders, ad manager dashboards and Google Analytics data hold for you.

You just need to ask the right questions.

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