Optimize or Die

By Rumen Dimitrov • Less than a minute read
  1. There is already someone in your niche who is investing in optimizing their Shopify store.

  2. If people can’t get to what they want on your store, a competitor’s website is just a google search away. Yes, online traffic is really that fickle.

From 1 and 2 follows that you MUST optimize your website for conversions. Otherwise, your competitors will eat your bounced visitors for lunch.

Your abandoned carts are becoming orders on their stores.

Most of your visitors share your goal—to get your products in their hands.

But if the process of going from “I want this” to “I ordered, yay!” isn’t as smooth as possible, they’ll use the competitor who has a simpler website.

Reduce the friction towards that end goal. Make shopping easy for customers and they’ll make hitting your biz goals much easier.

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    Rumen Dimitrov