Have you ever felt stuck in growing your Shopify store?

By Rumen Dimitrov • 2 min read

Conversion rate isn’t moving up, traffic stays the same, and as a result revenue is not moving.

Taking your store to the next level won’t happen by doing more of the same things.

At PARC we had a slogan: “Point of view is worth 80 IQ points.” It was based on a few things from the past like how smart you had to be in Roman times to multiply two numbers together; only geniuses did it. We haven’t gotten any smarter, we’ve just changed our representation system. We think better generally by inventing better representations; — Alan Kay

We know that you don’t have to be a genius to have a successful Shopify store. And following from the quote above, you just need a new way of looking at things.

Here are some ideas what to do to find a different point of view towards your Shopify store:

Changing your perspective is hard when you are also working in the business. Day to day operations require skills that don’t translate well when you need to level up.

Do something new and challenging from the list above—the least that will happen is that the experience will recharge you.

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