The Impact Of Keeping Quick Shop On Your Store

By Rumen Dimitrov • 2 min read

In the past two articles I talked about the problems Quick Shop creates on your Shopify store, when enabled:

Since I can’t quantify the impact of lack of data, but I do expect it to be severe, here is more about what the speed reduction could do to your store:

Slower Pages Mean Lower Conversion Rate

The problem with visitors loading your website slower than they expect is that you’re going to get decrease in conversion rate.

How much?

This depends on the amount of products that you are showing per page with Quick Shop enabled. In a recent audit of a store I did, they had an average of 20 “Quick Shop”-enabled products per page. This had increased their TTFB from 0.5s to 3s.

Sidenote: some stats on the impact of page speed on your conversion rate and revenue:

The 2.5s second slowdown means that the store I’ve audited was getting about 17,5% hit on its conversion rate by keeping Quick Shop on. This was also causing about 25% less revenue.

Why are the conversion and revenue numbers different? With faster pages people are willing to browse more and add more products to cart, thus increasing average order value.

Slower pages also rank you lower on Google’s search results—how much exactly is hard to tell, as Google’s ranking algorithm isn’t transparent. Know that slow page speed means you’ll be getting less search traffic and paying more for ads (as both Google and Facebook punish the pages providing poor user experience).

Quick Shop hits before people even see the page. It is quick after they’ve loaded it, but by that time 50 to 80% of your traffic has disappeared (usual numbers I’ve observed during my practice on stores running ads and having a slow page speed).

Have you gotten the hint yet?

Turn off Quick Shop on your store. Keep it off until a better implementation appears and someone confirms that the Quick Shop experience actually helps people shop more.

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