Simpler Product Images Are Always Better

By Rumen Dimitrov • 1 min read

Have you ever wondered why do products on most sites are shot on a solid background? There is a benefit from that practice. Otherwise, people wouldn’t put in the effort to do it.

Here are some of the more important reasons:

1. You help people focus

Everything but the product is removed. This way people can inspect it without distraction from the busy background. The solid color also helps outline the shape of the item. Thus, you give more useful information by removing the unnecessary.

2. Your images look professional

White background images are going to improve the opinion of the quality of your products. They look classy. By putting in more effort, you are signaling to the customer that your products are worth it.

3. Your website loads faster

Having a busy background full of information distracts people from your product. Not only that, but the extra information is going to increase the file size of your image.

Why is that?

The more repeating pixels there are in the image the smaller the file size after you compress it in JPEG. Image compression removes what is repeating and imperceivable.

So when you have a solid color background of your product images, they are going to download faster compared to ones with details.

Side note: You aren’t limited to white background. Any solid color background that’s not conflicting with the form and shape of the product will do.

You Don’t Need A Better Camera

I’ve seen people take amazing product images with smartphones and DSLR users taking crappy images that don’t help the customer.

Technology can’t save you from understanding how people work. Only by doing so you can successfully sell to them.

Having a solid-colored background is the one major differentiator that’s in your control. When you’re shooting your own images or when you’re choosing from a photo shoot go for simplicity.

That is the first step you can take to improve the quality of your images and the speed of your Shopify store.

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