Launched Shopify Store a month ago, got almost 1000 visitors, yet no sales. Where is the problem?

By Rumen Dimitrov • 3 min read

Dear first time Shopify Store Owner, I know it must have been tough for you getting your first Shopify store ready to be launched.

You may have experienced success before, selling products in real life or through other platforms like Etsy, Ebay or Amazon, but…

This time you launched your store and no one bought.

Actually, nobody showed up. Not today, not tomorrow and not during the next week.

You posted ferociously on social media, hoping someone would notice. Then you did it again.

You’ve had this Shopify store of yours for a week, two, three maybe?

After all this effort you got 10 visitors (5 of them your friends). Yay?

“10 visitors are not enough to land you a sale with the industry average e-commerce conversion rate being 2–3%”

So you got into paid advertising—$5 on Facebook, $10 on Instagram and you started seeing results.

Sadly, just from the ads.

Now you’ve got 1000 visitors to your store… Yet nobody has bought a thing. Yikes!

You are starting to wonder:

“Am I doing something wrong?”

Well, the process is correct.

Seems like your ads are bringing enough traffic, too.

Once we’ve ruled that out, the only other suspect is your website.

“What’s wrong with my site?”

Ah, where should I start?

The first version of your store’s homepage will be a confusing mix of text, discount banners, pop-ups and buttons pulling people in every direction.

This is true 9 times out of 10.

Did I forget to mention the “bugs”?

The first version of your Shopify store will be chock-full of bugs—from visual glitches and inconsistencies to weird malfunctions.

Despite the fact you paid $100 or more for a Shopify theme, you managed to customize it to the point where it doesn’t look like the pretty theme demo you saw when you bought it.

You got:

“Wait! We were talking about the lack of sales, not the visuals of my store”

Well —any of the above and many more—that is what makes me NOT trust your store. And when I don’t trust your store I don’t trust you. You don’t buy from people you don’t trust, do you?

Let me tell you how we got to this point:

  1. First, you promised me something valuable with your ad.
  2. I trusted you and I came to your site.
  3. Here is what I saw:

japan_rush_hour I saw that a Japanese train station officers tried to stuff the words and sentences into the page like passengers in an overflowing train car…

Well, that’s when my trust for your site started evaporating.

Sadly, I, the customer, become too wary when I get even the slightest notion something isn’t right.

I may not be able to pin-point the issue, but I’ll feel it in my gut. That’s when my trust for your site evaporates.


And I wouldn’t put my credit card number into a site that I don’t trust.

Why would I bother browsing the site or adding products to cart then?

The moment I stop trusting your online store is the moment I close that browser tab.

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