No Sales on Your Shopify Store? Find The Biggest Trust-Killer for Your Visitors

By Rumen Dimitrov • 3 min read

Do you ask yourself any of these questions:

  1. “Why don’t people buy from my store?”
  2. “Is the layout of my homepage too basic?”
  3. “Are the products I’m trying to sell the reason I don’t get any orders?”

You’ve launched your store, paid money for advertising to Facebook, Instagram and Adwords. You started getting some traffic.

But people spend just a few seconds on your homepage and then bounce.

You doubt the work you’ve already done on your store was in the right direction.

Did you know that people won’t buy from you if they don’t trust you?

“Of course I know that! Who do you think I am, a naive 8-year old?”

I know this is “common sense”. But from what I’ve seen in the sea of unsuccessful Shopify stores, taking care of the visitor’s trust is not even a “common practice”.

Failure to gain the trust of your potential customer discourages them from even clicking on your site.

Short guide to losing your visitors’ trust

It happens in just 4 simple steps:

  1. A visitor on your homepage can’t find answers to the questions they’ve got, so they feel uncertain
  2. That uncertain visitor doubts your site is worth investing time & attention into
  3. The uncertain visitor, who is also now in doubt, feels anxious. They close up and stop trusting you.
  4. Because you are the cause for their unease, that visitor stays away from you.

That's why they won’t bother clicking anywhere.

At this point your visitors just leave your site.

You know what happens next:

No action on your Shopify store = no data in your Analytics.

Hence you can’t know what’s wrong with your store.

But how do you improve your site when you don’t know what’s wrong?

Look for “traces of uncertainty”

The biggest trust-killer for your visitors is when they don’t find enough (and useful) information for your products and services(e.g. shipping, refunds, returns and more). That said,

Every area of your store can make or break the trust of your visitor

Every client touch point is an opportunity for you to build trust, create delight and evoke desire.

You can do it by informing your visitors about:

Mention the appropriate answers whenever your visitors are in the context to need more information.

When you take care of your customers’ questions before they have to look them up, you’ll be a step ahead in the right direction. For example:

Imagine you saw a jacket, liked it and are now reading its product description. You see few sizes available, but they are with European notation. The moment you ask yourself “Will it fit me?” your eyes lay on a link called “sizing chart”. You click it and you find out your size is still available!

Your online store visitors are instantly delighted when you “read their minds”. You prove that you care for them. You’ve solved a small problem for them without any effort on their side. Hooray!

Recap: Your visitors stop trusting you when the right information is missing at the moment they most need it

Knowing that means you are ready to hunt down where uncertainty hides in your store.

To kick off the search, here are three uncertainty-revealing questions:

Is it obvious what your store is about?

Is it obvious what products are you selling?

Is it clear who are these products for?

Now get a person who fits your target customer group and show them your Shopify store. Ask the above questions and just listen.

You’ll learn way more than you expected.

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