Do people have to start the checkout on your website to find out what the shipping cost is going to be?

By Rumen Dimitrov • 2 min read

That’s the question I often ask brand owners when we get to review their Shopify cart page.

Lack of shipping cost on the cart page is one of the things that’s guaranteed to have people start checkout, without the intention of completing it.

If they start at all.

Most people, if tired and frustrated enough from the shopping process so far, just won’t move beyond the cart.

They’ve had enough.

They give up on the information “treasure hunt” and get back to their life.

Well, turns out most brand founders haven’t thought about this, until I show them their cart drop off rate…

So what can you do to prevent that?

Remember the relief you feel when you’ve done an order online?

You are happy that the checkout is over and more importantly, you know everything there is to know about the process — what questions you’ll be asked, how many steps there are in the checkout, how much the product + shipping actually costs…

Well, your goal is to help your visitors get in that satisfied, happy, “thank you page” state on the cart. That’s how you narrow the gap between a “visitor with cart items” and “a customer”.

Provide shipping information on the cart and you will:

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I assume you are convinced that providing a delightful, compassionate experience that’s suited to the needs of your visitors is important for (the revenue of) your brand.

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