Increase Shopify Sales

To be able to increase Shopify sales you have to know the following:

  1. What stops people from buying
  2. What should you change so they want to buy more from you
  3. How to actually implement the change on your store.

I know you are busy and don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty of figuring all the details yourself. That’s why I prepared the following list of services to help you increase Shopify sales.

Scroll down and pick the one that answers your needs at the moment!

Shopify Roadmapping Session

Want to know how to start a project to increase Shopify sales?

With a laser-focused 60-minute Skype call you’ll get my strategy on tackling the specific issues you face towards increasing sales on your Shopify store.

In this call we’ll develop a shared understanding of your goals for the project, define what success looks like to you, and identify the opportunities and obstacles that come into play.

You’ll end up with a clear idea what needs to be done so you can increase sales on your store.

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Shopify Speed Optimization

Is mobile speed a limiting factor of in your strive to increase Shopify sales on your store?

Do you believe that providing a better shopping experience on your store will increase your Shopify sales?

When you speed up your home, product and category pages your customers can find the products they need quicker than before. This will result in lower bounce rate and more people will be actually checking out. Also you’ll get SEO benefits, as Google favorites fast mobile optimized sites more and more.

I can help you get to load speeds of under 4 seconds and PageSpeed score of 85+/100.

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Shopify Conversion Audit

Do you feel disappointed when you see the <1% conversion rate in your Shopify dashboard?

You’ve tried a lot of tricks, followed a lot of online articles and still, it doesn’t move a bit. That’s a sign your store is still chasing customers away.

You won’t be able to increase Shopify sales by waving red flags right in front the faces your visitors.

Sadly, it is hard for you to be objective about your site, as you have looked at it for so long. What is obvious for your visitors is no longer obvious to you.

Would you like to know what to change on your store, so people start buying more from you?

I can help you identify the areas that kill your conversion rate and provide professional suggestions how to increase Shopify sales.

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Increase Shopify Sales (Monthly Conversion Optimization)

You drive a ton of traffic to your store, only to see it not converting the way you want.

The conversion rate you get is waaaay below the 1.5-3% industry average range. You want to capitalize on the e-commerce opportunity, but your current Shopify site performs worse than you expect.

With my help you can fix that. After we increase your store’s conversion rate you can lower your advertising costs and in turn increase profit. And I can keep you on track for high results every month through A/B new ways to improve your visitor’s shopping experience.

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For your convenience, I’m offering my best Shopify services as low-risk, fixed-price, fixed-scope packages. If you didn’t find a package to meet your needs, drop me a line at to discuss a custom engagement.

Rumen Dimitrov