3 Signs You Need a Premium Shopify Theme

By Rumen Dimitrov • 2 min read

1. Always Rising Monthly “Store-Customization” Expenses

Do you pay for apps that add simple visual improvements to your website?

Do you regularly have developers on for small visual tweaks?

You’ve made some visual changes, but you still don’t feel your store is near the visual and functional level you want it to be.

One of the goals of the premium Shopify themes is for you to need less front-end customization apps. That’s why they incorporate (often requested) functionality proven to enhance the browsing experience.

2. The Theme Customization Panel Has Your Hands Tied

You want to change more things than you have options in the theme settings for. Even worse—you couldn’t find apps that solve your problems. You dread the moment when you’ll have to call a developer to add that functionality.

Well, premium themes really shine here – you have plenty of site-wide options like colors, typography, and user experience as well as many content blocks and sections for home, collection, product and cart pages. This means you can achieve more straight from the Theme Customization panel without the need for the skills of a developer.

3. You Are Getting Significant Traffic But Your Store Seems Slow On Mobile

The latest versions of most paid premium Shopify themes on the theme store have already covered speed optimization basics.

Out of the box, they offer cleverly generated responsive images that don’t load big files on small screens, lazy loading to avoid unnecessary resources and many more technical improvements “under the hood” that would benefit your mobile visitors.

They have taken care of 80% of the work I’ve otherwise had to manually implement on cheaper themes for my clients.

This doesn’t mean that they’re operating at their fullest potential but they’re way better than the cheapest or free themes out there.

Is It Time For a Change?

It is best to start your journey in the Shopify platform using a free Shopify theme. Playing with it you will get clear on what you need before investing any money. Then the choice of a paid theme will be easier.

Don’t waste money buying a premium theme from the start. You need to know what the needs of you and your customers are.

Starting out with a free time you have the opportunity to explore the platform, see how visitors react to your products and page designs (with the help of Lucky Orange) and learn.

But free themes have their limits. As you can see, there comes a time when “free” costs you more.

Cut your expenses, set yourself free and speed up your store by investing in a premium theme.

After you’ve got your hands dirty and seen the limitations of the free ones this will be a much easier decision than at the start.

If you’ve found yourself in the list above, the one time cost of a premium Shopify theme will pay for itself in a few months of saved app subscriptions, fewer developer fees, and increased conversion rate.

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