23, 21, 10

By Rumen Dimitrov • 1 min read

What do these numbers mean?

  1. Twenty-three days since my last post.

  2. It’s been exactly twenty-one days since I had to post a new article, but I didn’t. The reason? A silent Vipassana meditation retreat. I prepared for it, went and now adapted back to the real world. The experience was very different from my day to day life. After all, you rarely get…

  3. Ten days of uninterrupted focus on one skill. In my case, 10 days of meditation, 10 hours per day.

So what now?

Being back online means more daily articles. But also, it means more opportunity for deep work. Now that I’ve tasted what ultra focus for 10 days can help me achieve, I’m eager to focus on my business.

Why focus on one area only for 10 (working) days?

The increase in attention will help you level up. When you leave the focused mode you won’t lose your new skills, insights, and practices. You came to new conclusions which are new reasons to do things in a different way.

You don’t have to go on a silent meditation retreat to get the benefit of clarity and focus increase, but it would help!

Let’s try a thought experiment

Imagine everything in your life and business could be set on autopilot for 10 days. You are free to direct your attention where you want. Better yet—you now have the freedom to actually focus more on one facet of your operations. No more interruptions because a “fire” broke out.

Now, what would you focus on? What would you like to explore more in your business?

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